1. When a due date for confirmation to join?

31 March 2015 is the due date for confirmation to join FV Malaysia 2015.

2. When the actual date of event?

The event will take places on 21st March 2015- 24th March 2015

3. How about the payment?

Payment can to UTeM through Cheque/ Bank Draft on name of Bendahari UTeM online through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) / Telegraphic Transfer/Interbank GIRO (IBG) which credit to account details as below:

Name of Account                          :  Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
Akaun No.                                     :  0404201000833
Name of Bank                   :  Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad
   Cawangan Ayer Keroh, Melaka
SWIFT CODE                              :  BIMBMYKL
Purpose                                         :  Kejohanan FV Malaysia 2015
4. What is important section that must be take note for Electric Vehicles (EV)?

According to FV Malaysia 2015 Technical Specification for Electric Vehicles, participant’s team have to take note on Section 8,9,10 and 11 such as below:

8.0 Electric Motor Specification
  8.1 Maximum Output Power
    The maximum output power of the electric motor must not exceed 6 kW
  8.2 Number of Electric Motor
    Only 1 electric motor is allowed for each vehicle
  8.3 Types of Electric Motor
    All types of electric motor can be used
9.0 Battery Specification
  9.1 Battery Voltage
    The battery voltage must not exceed 60 V
  9.2 Battery Capacity
    The battery capacity must not exceed 300 Ah
  9.3 Battery Ventilation
    The battery housing must have air ventilation
  9.4 Types of Battery
    Only wet-cell battery is not allowed
10.0 Battery Connection
  10.1 Wire Connection
    Wires that connect to the battery must be tied and secured
  10.2 Wire Sizing
    Wire that connect to the battery used for heavy load application such as motor controller and electric motor must have the diameter of at least 7.5 mm.
11.0 Safety Precaution
  11.1 Kill Switch
    Each vehicle must have at least 1 kill switch. The kill switch/switches must deactivate all electrical system, both low and high voltage system

Disclaimer: Since high current application is involved, FV Malaysia 2015 will not hold responsibility for any unprecedented accidents that may occur due to poorly designed electrical system.